Demir Aslan

Meeting Challenges.

Delivering Solutions.

About Us

Since 2013 Demir Aslan (N.A.), LLC has supplied diverse and specialized products and services to government, corporate, and private clients.

With a variety of sectors served, each project we undertake is unique, and ingenuity and flexibility are critical. We are able to successfully meet customer needs by having an international reach, established relationships with suppliers, excellent project management skills, along with a tenacious ‘can-do’ attitude.

Our company is committed to a culture of professionalism and customer service. We aim to deliver superior service and value, as well as to meet customer-driven goals, including quality requirements, scheduled time-frames, and funding constraints on all projects.

Global Sourcing and Supply

We provide trading services for a wide variety of general and specialized goods, hardware, equipment, and machinery.

Real Estate Development and Marketing

We are engaged in the commercial and residential rental industry, including property development, management, and marketing.

Local, Regional, and International Reach

Established Supplier Relationships

Project Management and Organization

Our Principals

Aaron holds a degree in engineering, and has experience in production, manufacture, and testing, as well as technical and industrial fieldwork, and commercial customer relations.
Aaron Doman
Managing Partner
Sion holds a degree in human services and healthcare, and has experience in sales and service delivery, quality assurance, as well as business administration and systems management.
Sion Doman
Managing Partner